Jay Bell, Something Like Summer

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Jay Bell, Something Like Summer

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I thought by the age of 20 I’d have my shit together, but I realized all of us in our twenties just act like we have all our shit together when in reality we’re all just kinda falling all over everything hoping that eventually we’ll fall into the right place.

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He and I? We are not the perfect couple.

There is no way in hell we would embody the epitome of perfection.

We’re human, and that’s what I love about us.

We would never make each other feel ashamed of being this way.

There is no pressure to be anyone but ourselves.

We don’t text constantly. We don’t hang out 24/7. We have our own friends. Our own lives.

I feel as if society has shoved this idea down everyone’s throat that once you are in a relationship with someone, you fucking meld into one person. You have to know where they’re at all the time, and who they’re with. If they go somewhere, you need to go with them too. If it’s not Facebook official, it’s not official. Post about your significant other on Instagram or you’re not proud of them.


Everyone just shut the fuck up.

I’m sick and tired of everyone trying to force these shallow and ridiculous ideals upon me because let’s face it:

He and I, we’re two independent people.

We trust each other. We respect each other enough to be together, but at the same time allow us our own space to grow as a person.

He’ll go to the bar with his friends. I’ll go to a party with mine. He’ll stay home and watch movies. I’ll be studying at a cafe.

At the end of the day, we know that we love each other and that’s enough for us. When we have time, we will spend it with each other and cherish the moments we share.

We don’t need fancy month anniversaries to validate our relationship, or a Facebook status.

Let’s face it, with the way “girlfriends” and “boyfriends” are defined in this day and age, I am not the perfect girlfriend and he’s not the perfect boyfriend.

We will never be.

But we are perfectly imperfect together.

And I’ve never been happier.